We believe in working in a more humane way

We serve our people
We serve our clients
We serve our community

How we do it

By being Agile, being happy and building valuable software.
Working software

We believe that the primary measure of progress is working software. We value our products more than the documentation that we use for building them.

Visual oriented

We are very visually oriented, we create beautiful interfaces and use visual artifacts for syncing up our work.

Less emails

We believe in trust and results over paper trail. We believe in effective communication by reducing emails and increasing conversations.

Results Oriented

We believe that outcome is more important than just output. We want that our clients thrive by contributing not just software but creative thinking.

  • RUBY
  • CSM/CSPO training
  • AWS

More About US

Cool software craftsmen that creates cool software.
It’s all in our creativity and passion for our work.

It’s not just about using Agile, it’s about being Agile.

For us Ruby and Ruby on Rails are not just another fancy programing languages, they represented the perfect venue for translating Agile into code.

Even one step back, we couldn't claim true expertise in Object Oriented Programming if we didn't learned it by programming in Smalltalk, yeah Smalltalk.

Our ultimate goal is to continue learning and perfecting our craft as true software craftsmen.

  • Ruby

    We breathe Ruby.

  • Ruby on Rails

    We love Ruby on Rails.

  • Smalltalk

    We learned OO with Smalltalk.

  • Scrum

    We just love Scrum.

Our Team

Meet our happy family of software craftsmen.
Juan Banda

Juan is a trainer, coach, speaker, Ruby fan, martial artist and out of the box thinker.

Leandro Guardia

Student and energetic web developer. A crazy curly-haired guy that loves singing out loud in some places other than the shower. He likes eating a lot of gummy bears and solving programming problems to achieve good places in the ACM-ICPC regionals every year.

Pablo Sanabria

Web, Mobile and Game Developer. He trained with the seven sages of programming and mastered his skills in Ruby, Java, C/C++ and .NET, he loves his work and he likes to do crazy things. And if someone asks, he's eager to learn and experiment with new things.

Leonardo Velarde

Passionate student and developer, eager to learn EVERY single day. Has a soft spot for JavaScript, Ruby and C++ but he's got a mind for it all. Aiming to be a Full Stack ninja, he's also an active contestant in ACM-ICPC who's looking forward to scale up in the ranking.

Sergio Morales

Student and developer, with a really positive mentality. Always aiming to higher goals to develop new skills and enhance those he has. His passions are swimming and dancing. Member of NSHSS since 2014. His life turns around this phrase: “Dream, believe, ACHIEVE”.

We have designed and developed awesome web pages.

Web Pages

That we've built

Our Products

We design & develop products to help people and business.

We aggregate content from social media for you, just tell us what you care about

Our Clients

Our Practices

Here are the ingredients in our secret sauce.
Design with Love

We believe that software is a human creation and for that we insist so much in keeping our people happy.

Creative Anytime, Anywhere

We don’t have fixed office hours, creativity can come to us at home or wherever.

Continuous Integration

We heavily invest in Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, and Continuous Deployment.

Test Driven Development

Before we create code we start by creating test to establish the expected behaviour.

Pair Programming

We work in pairs to encourage diversity of thought, higher quality, and higher overall productivity.

Continuous Learning Environment

We built a safe environment in which learn and amplify our shared knowledge..

Get in touch

We’d like to hear from people who believe what we believe. Drop us an email and let’s talk.

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